Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Intl. Lager Challenge - Poland Semi-Finals 1 & 2

Semi Final 1
Lech 5.2% abv
Tyskie 5.6% abv €1.65 (Lidl)

I've done this before, although not for a while.        
Lech eh? Not much to say here. I've purchased it in occasion and it was...unremarkable. Nothing wrong with it but nothing lodged in my memory banks. Tyskie is a love/hate thing. Not a bunch of pretty Dublin gangsters but a memory of a legendary Tyskie induced hangover. I foolishly drank eight cans playing poker, along with lots of whiskey and a couple of stogies. At 6pm the next day I had to retreat to my bed with a crippling headache,  hoping to reboot.

Still nothing going on here. It's not watery piss like Bud/Coors etc. It has more body. But there's not much malt, no hops. Grassy, easy drinking but bland.

Better. There's a tiny bit of caramel sweetness and a little hoppy bite at the finish and maybe the extra alcohol helps.

Winner - Tyskie

Semi Final 2
Warka 5.7% abv €1.84 (can, Dunnes)
Zywiec 5.8% abv €1.65 (can, Lidl)

I like Zywiec, I like it a lot. It's quite strong but it's got lots of flavour. I'm not sure about the Warka. There wasn't a lot of other decent Polish beers around. Karpackie anyone? Although I did find some cans of Tatra (6% abv) somewhere and it was ok. Could have been a last minute replacement for the the Warka but eh, no.

Hmmm, not great. Quite like the Lech, not much going on here.

Much better, some nice maltiness, good balance and a nice finish.

Winner - Zywiec.

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