Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Intl. Lager Challenge - Netherlands Semi-Finals 1 & 2

Semi Final 1 
Bavaria 4.3% €1.39 (can, Tesco)
Heineken 5% abv (can)

I didn't realise it, but Bavaria isn't a cheap Heineken knock off. It was founded in 1719, apparently. Papa Willie used to buy this by the case when I was growing up, there were two varieties; the weaker Green can and the stronger Yellow can. We always assumed they were inexpensive but when we went to Amsterdam earlier this year , you couldn't escape the stuff.

Growing up in D4 I feel culturally conditioned to love the 'ol Vitamin H. I will admit I used to drink a lot of it, and still do occasionally on draft. mostly when I'm very thirsty, the selection of beers is poor and I don't fancy a Guinness. Having said that, I don't tend to drink the regular (4.3%) stuff from cans, but I do like the European (or 5%) version. Having tasted them back to back, accidentally, I can confirm there is a big difference. BTW Heineken is only around since 1873!

Not bad, it's smooth and perfectly drinkable and refreshing in a cold beer flavoured drink way.

There's a lovely zing to this beer. In the weaker version this can come across as unpleasant bitterness but as it is here, I quite like it.

Winner - Heineken

Semi Final 2
Grolsch 5% abv   €1.89 (can)
Dutch Gold  4% €?.?? (can)

I can't imagine this is going to be much of a competition but for form's sake we'll do it by the numbers. I've never sampled the pleasures of Dutch Gold, famous as it is with a certain crowd in Dublin. Grolsch is one of my "go to" lagers (along with Becks and 5% 'Ken), so let's start.

Dutch Gold
You know what, this isn't offensive, it's a bit bland but if I was handed a glass of this on a hot day, I'd probably drink it, and suffer the social opprobrium afterwards.

Better, it's crisper, cleaner with a light hoppy finish.

Winner - Grolsch

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