Thursday, January 15, 2015

"New" Guinness porters

Guinness West Indies Porter 50cl 3.8% abv €3.29
Guinness Dublin Porter 50cl 6.0% abv €3.09

The only info I can find from Guinness/Diageo is here.  here's an excerpt - "Inspired by authentic recipes, whose origins lie in the historic GUINNESS’ brewers’ diaries from the late 1700s and early 1800s, the new beers will be available in selected pubs and retailers from mid-September."

I'm starting with the weaker of the two, which is normally the best way to go. It's either a feast or a famine here, the Dublin porter limps with an anemic 3.8%, while the West Indies porter swaggers in, sporting a muscular 6 percent.

Guinness Dublin Porter

Well it's not your regular Guinness, I notice as I pour. There's no distinctive boiling bubbles as it settles, but there is a thickish foamy head. Initially, its not doing it for me, it's a bit thin and slightly sharp. Not for me this one.

Guinness West Indies Porter
Better. More body, nice malt. Probably would try this again.