Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Battle of the (India) Pale Ales - Quarter Final 2

Quarter Final 2  - All American
Brooklyn East India Pale Ale 35.5cl 6.9% abv - €2.89
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 35cl 5.6% abv - €2.59

Brooklyn East India Pale 
I'll be honest, I didn't know Brooklyn made a Pale Ale, let alone an East India Pale Ale, and at 6.9% its not one for the faint hearted. Amber in the glass with a healthy white head, this is hoppy but not in your face, and reasonably smooth. I like it.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
A similar colour to the Brooklyn, with a touch less head. Plenty of hops but not quite the same smoothness. Nice, but I'd prefer its rival.
Note: I could have chosen the "next one up" from Sierra Nevada, the Torpedo Extra IPA, which come in at a not inconsiderable 7.2% abv, but I decided that if a brewer offers more than one Pale Ale, I'll stick to the standard expression.

Winner - Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

Next Up - Scotland Vs Germany.  The number 2 seed against the dark horse from Munich. 

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