Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Beers!

I had occasion to patronise Tesco on Upper Baggot St last night and they had a 5 "posh" beers for €11 offer on the go. Note 1- this used to be 5 for a tenner. Note 2 - One of the beers I selected wasn't part of the offer, apparently, so I ended up spending the guts of €15 notes on 5 beers. Nuts.

Mariestads Export 5.3%
Imported from Sweden apparently. Nice malty flavours, and a lovely crisp taste. I savoured this, I have to say. The official site is here, by the way, for those who speak Swedish. I would/will buy this again if I can figure out the arcane details of the 5 for €11 offer. 

Proper Job IPA 5.5%
I thought I had blogged this beer before but I could find no trace on blog or  twitter feed so there we go. Hmmm, I know "powerfully hopped" is relative but I definitely expected more hops than was present.  It's not bad, a perfectly pleasant IPA, but more like moderately hopped. This might be a good place to start for someone coming exclusively from a lager background but I don't think it would satisfy the die-hard.

Arcobrau Pilsener 4.9%
Pale yellow colour and a surprisingly durable head. This pilsener has a slightly sweet character that I like and a lovely crisp finish. I'm not sure if I'd drink it all night but its pretty tasty right now.

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