Tuesday, April 11, 2017

At long last Aldi (again)

I have blogged Aldi's beer before firstly in 2013 and it wasn't pretty, then in 2014 I tried again and it was better, It's now three years later and the craft beer market has moved on significantly so I'm expecting a decent showing.       

Apologies - I normally take a photograph of the beers as soon as I bring them home but  this time I forgot, mea culpa.I do have one of the Balbec IPA, the others I got from the interweb.

JJ's Balbec IPA  6%   €2.99
This unusually monikered IPA comes from Kilmallock Co, Limerick. That's about all I know. Its a hazy golden colour in the glass. herself is getting grapefruit off it but my jaded palate isn't getting much in the way of fruit. Its the strongest in alcohol doesn't taste it. Like the Brown Bear it's better when warmed slightly from fridge temperature, and it's perfectly drinkable, but not one I'll be rushing to buy again.

Brown Bear of (Connemara)IPA  5.2%  €1.99
Another beer brewed by Station works, Newry; these guys must be busy. First thoughts - Its OK, Kinda nondescript, pleasant. Another IPA from Station Works. As it has warmed up slightly, its getting better, fuller, nice bitterness at the finish.  I like it. Definitely needs to be warmer, thats' the key for this one.

Aldi Wild Bill's IPA 5%  1.79
Brewed by Marstons Brewery under the Harper's Brewey Co banner
Darker and it tastes like it. A beefy full flavoured old fashioned IPA  with maybe a hint of spicy rye. Long bitter finish which I really like. Very unusual for a supermarket IPA and a steal at this price.

Aldi Perfect Storm Epic IPA 4.5%  2.19  (brewed by Williams Bros Brewery, Scotland)
Nice - well balanced, not much in the way of fruit but some attractive hoppiness and a nice full finish. Not classic flavours but Lots of taste for a 4.5%. Link

For my money the Brown Bear and the Wild Bill are great value at these price, and overall a good showing from Aldi, four IPAs, two very nice and two decently drinkable.

Next: Lidl!

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