Sunday, February 26, 2017

New* Irish IPAs - Part 1

I have just checked and the last time I posted was Feb 26th 2015, so its been exactly 2 years. I'm not sure why I stopped and indeed I'm not sure why I have started again. Maybe its because I am seeing a huge amount of Irish craft beers, everywhere. Not just in off-licences but in large Supermarkets and even in local Spar/Centra/Londis outlets. Frankly, I'd like to keep a record of what's good and what's not. So let's see what's out there...

Clearsky  - Rowlock India Pale Ale                        4.5% abv  50cl €3.92
Brehon Brewhouse  - Drumlin Irish Pale Ale         4.6% abv  50cl €4.19
ReelDeel Brewery  - Jack the Lad Irish pale Ale    4.5% abv  50cl €3.65

I got these in my local Centra in Sandyford Hall. Of late they have started stocking a decent amount of Irish craft beers, so I decided I'd pick four and taste them 

Rowlock India Pale Ale Link
This is bottle conditioned and appears a little cloudy in the glass. Don't really like this - there's a sharpness on the palate initally and some pine, but that's it. As herself put it there's no depth or finish in the flavour.

Drumlin Irish Pale Ale link
This is better than the Rowlock. Its darker too, a ruddy amber colour with a pleasantly large amount of foamy head. A classic Irish pale ale, some piney bitterness, a touch of fruit and some good body.

Looking at the website, it seems they have re-branded...

Jack the Lad Irish Pale Ale link
Nope, this has the same sharpness and lack of depth as the Rowlock. Don't like this at all. Down the sink.

Note: They also had the Journeyman IPA ,but when I got home I discovered that I had inadvertently bought their Journeyman IPL, which I think is a lager with the addition of some IPA hops. Anyhoo - it was pretty good.

So I went back to the Centra to pick up the two IPAs that I missed lat time around. I'm expecting more from these as they are shade stronger at 5.2% each. Both appear to be from Station Works.

The Foxes Rock IPA 5.2%  50cl €3.26
Good, full flavour, some nice hoppiness. Billed as an "American Style" IPA this lives up to the heady boast as it is  indeed slightly sweet like a US IPA, but it also has the US's full fruity palate.

The Journeyman Master Cooper IPA 5.2%  50cl €2.99
This is brewed under licence by Station Works and I think this might be the same as the beer above. I'd have to taste them at the same time to be sure though.

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