Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Irish Beers from Wicklow Wolf and Galway Hooker

I think I got these three in Molloy's on the Ballogan Road. I suspect the Wicked Wolf beers were around the €4 mark based on what I paid for the last two of their beers. No idea how much the Galway Hooker lager was, sorry.
Wicked Wolf American Amber  4.8% 50cl €??
 Didn't take notes so this from memory - don't remember much on the way of hops, but it was deliciously balanced and there were some tasty caramel notes. As with the IPA I would recommend it with a caveat on the price..
Wicked Wolf Locavore Blonde  4.8% 50cl €??
Love this. I have a chequered history with Blonde ales but this definiteley hit the spot. This is a seasonal brew described as "fresh hopped 2014 all Irish ingredient blonde ale". Lots of hops (for a blonde) and good body. Here's the blurb from the website - it's all true.

"This beer is made using all Irish ingredients. We start with a grain bill of 100% Irish Ale Malt from Malting Company of Ireland.  The beer is hopped using all of our own hops grown in Roundwood This years batch has a blend of Cascade, Perle, Nugget, and Prima Dona. The hops are added late in the boil to capture the subtle flavor and aromas from the hops. As this is a special harvest ale, the beer will never taste the same from year to year, as we plant newer varieties of hops and the harvest yields increase the brews will be unique every time."

Galway Hooker Irish Dark Lager  4.3% 50cl €??
I don't really care for the "classic" Galway  Hooker pale ale. It's a bit mild for me so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was a very decent lager. Amber in the glass, good body/mouthfeel, decent head, bit of malt. I'll add this to the (quite) short list of good Irish craft lagers.

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