Saturday, December 7, 2013

Irish Pale Ale Challenge - QF5 - Boom! goes the hammer

Quarter Final 5
Whitewater Brewery Hoppelhammer IPA 6% €3.47
Stone Barrel Boom IPA 5.0% abv 50cl €3.59

Stone Barrel Boom IPA
A solid initial offering from the Dublin 4 brewers. A more easy drinking style of IPA, rather than a hoppy beast. Not massive amounts of flavour but well balanced. It's described as a session ale so perhaps that's the appeal of this ale. The more I drink of this the more I like it, it's a bit of a grower.

Whitewater Brewery Hoppelhammer IPA
I'm not loving this. It's strong and hoppy but the bitterness isn't well integrated into the overall flavour and it feels a little unbalanced...

Winner  - Stone Barrel Boom IPA

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