Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Intl. Lager Challenge - Poland - Final 2 (of 4)

Final - Poland
Tyskie 5.6% abv
Zywiec 5.8% abv

The Polish Semi-Finals are here, by the way

In a change from our published program, this time out the Tyskie is in a can and the Zywiec is from a bottle. I should mention the other Polish beers I rejected to get to the four that competed in the semis. Karpackie - a bit cheap and cheerful;  Tatra - not bad, and nicely strong; Lomza Export - not great.

I've already said enough about these in the semis so let's see if anything has changed, my bet is on the barely pronounceable Zywiec.

I still like this, it's clean and well balanced.

Yep still very good. Well balanced, lots of malty goodness. Not as much fizz as from the can but

Winner -  Zywiec

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