Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Cider De-cider Part 3 - More "Non Craft" Ciders (2/2)

This is the last part of my ongoing cider tasting, the rationale for which is here...

Part 1 - Craft Ciders is here
Part 2 - Non Craft Ciders 1 is here

Scrumpy Jack Classic Premium Cider - €1-69, 6% abv (Dunnes)[Can]
Dark lager/off-orange colour. Slight whiff of apples. Surprisingly drinkable despite a slight aftertaste.

Strongbow Cider - €1-39, 4.6% abv (Dunnes) [Can]
Lager colour. Crisp flavour. Slightly dry. Not bad overall and cheap as chips. 

Bulmers Special - Spiced Apple and Rhubarb - €2-59 4% abv (Dunnes)
Interesting flavours here. Standard Bulmers plus some spices and odd fruit flavours. I liked it but I'm not sure it's something all would appreciate.

Kopparberg Wild Strawberry and Lime  - €2-59, 4.0% abv (Dunnes)
Ugh. Sickly sweet pink medicine sort of alcopop. Drank it though...

Lastly I got this yesterday in Dunnes, It's priced as a premium cider so not sure if belongs here but..(come to think of it the Kopparberg and the Bulmers Special are a similar price, hmmm...)

Rekorderlig Premium Apple and Blackcurrant Cider - €2-63, 4.0% abv (Dunnes)
A similar, if slightly more purple colour, to the Kopparberg. Quite sweet but much much nicer, with a more natural flavour. I wouldn't drink more than one, but a good buy if you like this style of sweet fruity cider.

Next Up - The Dunnes French Wine Sale 2012

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