Thursday, March 12, 2009

Polish Beers

Just for a change of pace I thought I'd say few words on three of the Polish beers that are available here. I'm sure there are more than these available in shops but these are the three that I come across most.

My favorite of the three, but the most expensive. This beer has a lovely full, malty flavour that is difficult to describe. The bottle also has a coldness indicator to show when its the right temparature to drink- allegedly pronounced "jhu vitz uh".
Price: €2-50 for 500ml
Availablity: Tesco and elsewhere.

This is what I drank (along with Lech) until I discovered Zywiec. Clear crisp taste and a nice dry finish
Price: €1-89 for 500ml
Availablity: Dunnes and elsewhere.

To be honest I'd be hard pushed to distinguish between this and Tyskie in a blind test. Both are tasty, crisp lagers that are a nice change from Vitamin H, Carlsberg or god forbid, Bud.
Price: €1-89 for 500ml
Availablity: Dunnes and elsewhere.

Next beer post will be on Czech Beers, damn I hate research.

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  1. Hmmm Zywiec is really good beer!!! When it comes to Tyskie - it is quiet "weak" one - however it is really popular in Poland. However It has been sold recently to sabmiller by Jan Kulczyk